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My newest song coming soon:


"On An Island"


I have been playing guitar since I was 11 years old. Music has definitely been the one constant throughout my life. But it wasn't always that way. When I was 11 my parents kept telling me that they wanted me to take guitar lessons. But I always hated any formal training, like school for instance, so of course I said no I didn't want lessons. One day they said a guitar teacher is coming over at 4 PM. At a few minutes before 4, I ran outside into the backyard and hid behind some bushes in the neighbor's yard. For 15 minutes they tried to get me to come in, but I refused. But then they got me to feel bad that the teacher was waiting and that they all went to so much trouble, so eventually I gave in. I took lessons for about 3 years. First the basics and then stuff like "Moon River" and other 'elevator music' songs. Eventually I learned some flamenco, which was great. But in late 1963, when my teacher said that he couldn't teach me any Beatles music, because he didn't know any, I quit, and taught myself the Beatles' songs that I just had to learn or else I couldn't go on living this mundane life. Now 47 years later I still have that same passion.

I'd like to share with you my most recent Work.

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